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Best Double Umbrella Strollers Parents and Kids Will Love: Reviews and 2019 Buyer’s Guide

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These days, the best double umbrella stroller can be passed off for a standard stroller, that’s how many features and extras they now have to offer. Unfortunately, not all strollers are created equal, so you’ll run into several models that only come equipped with bare-bone features. Aside from car seats, a stroller is the next most important piece of baby gear you can invest in. They’re designed to make life easier on you and the kids when you’re out shopping, on a trip, or just going out for some fresh air. The model you purchase should be easy to fold, lightweight, and loaded with the features you know you’ll need to rely on when you’re out and about, such as storage bins, cup holders, and large sun canopies.

Finding the Right Model

But since there are so many models on the market these days, doing your research and trying to find the perfect stroller can take a lot of time and effort.

Fortunately, I’ve done all the hard work for you. I’ve narrowed it down to the top five strollers on the market. Each of these models has something special to offer, whether it’s car seat compatibility, available at a lower price, or loaded with great extras. Below you’ll find a comparison chart that lists the similarities and differences between each of these models.

Double Strollers Comparison Chart

ProductMax WeightWheel DesignCostRating
ZOE XL2 Double Stroller
Zoe Check Deals!
100lbs dual $$
Delta Children City Street LX
Delta Check Deals!
70lbs dual $
Kolcraft Cloud Double Stroller
Colcraft Check Deals!
70lbs dual $
Chicco Echo Twin Stroller
Chicco Check Deals!
80 pounds dual $$
Maxi-Cosi Dana Stroller
Maxi-Cosi Check Deals!
100 pounds dual $$$$

Before you dive in and start shopping for a new stroller, it’s worth asking yourself a few questions, which will help you zero in on the type of model that’s right for you and your children.

Is it Age Appropriate?

First, keep in mind that most models will only accommodate babies six months and up. However, there are some models that you can use for children as young as three months. You can also find strollers that are compatible with infant car seats, however, those models will typically only work with the same brand of car seat.

Next, choosing the right style will also be important. Side by side models are a better choice for kids that are around the same age. However, if you have children that are several years apart, then you’ll need a tandem style stroller, which would help to balance the stroller and make it easier to maneuver.


Out of all the styles of strollers to choose from, the umbrella stroller is typically the most affordable. However, the prices still tend to vary brand by brand and model by model. If you want a very basic stroller, you can expect to pay less. If you’re looking for one that’s loaded with plenty of extra features, then these premium models can go for a few hundred dollars or more.

Bringing You the Best

Below you’ll find summaries of the top five models that made it to my list of the leading double strollers on the market. I focused on finding strollers that were easy to use, fold, and maneuver. Each one will come with its own pros and cons, however, each model that was tested proved it could provide what other strollers could not, and that was a reliable performance.

Best Overall-ZOE XL2 Best Double Stroller


Our Rating: (5/5)

The XL2 is a steal for the price. It comes with a higher than average max user weight, several storage options, and built-in cup holders for the parents and the kids. It handles well on a variety of terrain types and is easy to maneuver in crowded areas. Its fast folding design is one of its biggest selling points, not to mention its lightweight design that makes this model easy to haul, transport, and store.

Affordable-Delta Children City Street LX Side by Side Stroller


Our Rating: (4.5/5)

If you’ve always struggled with learning how to fold a stroller, then this easy to fold model is for you. The City Street by Delta Children is compact, lightweight and is reasonably priced. It doesn’t come loaded with a ton of features, but it does offer a lightweight design, plush seats, and a decent max user weight. While you may not get any fancy extras with this model, you will get a stroller that’s built tough, easy to fold, and all for a price that won’t break the bank.

Best for Infant and Toddler-Kolcraft Cloud Double Umbrella Stroller


Our Rating: (4.5/5)

This model features a three-point harness, front-wheel suspension, and seats that can fully recline for those important naps on the go. This is another basic model that doesn’t come with much in terms of flashy features, however, it does offer a comfortable ride, a well-built frame and a wheel system designed to handle gravel, grass, and other types of mildly challenging terrain. If you’re searching for a tough stroller that can handle heavy use, then look no further than the Cloud.

Compact-Chicco Echo Twin Stroller


Our Rating: (4.5/5)

The Echo is highly maneuverable, which means you’ll have no problem pushing this model, even in crowded areas. The fast folding mechanism allows you to collapse this stroller in a matter of seconds and use the convenient carry handle to haul it around. Did I mention it’s also priced reasonably low? This is a simple model that comes with all the right features that mom and dad will need to rely on when they’re out and about with the kids.

Lightweight-Maxi-Cosi Dana For2 Double Side By Side Stroller


Our Rating: (4.5/5)

This Maxi-Cosi stroller is compatible with Maxi-Cosi infant car seats and comes with two free car seat adapters. This is currently the only model in my lineup that’s infant car seat compatible. This type of versatility will allow you to use the same stroller for your child from birth up to four years of age, which is pretty impressive. It also features a fast folding mechanism, and extra-large waterproof sun canopies, which will allow you to take the kids out for a ride, rain or shine.

Buyer’s Guide

The best double umbrella stroller can be hard to find. For the most part, these strollers have gotten a bad rap because most can be difficult to push and turn, and many cannot handle any type of challenging terrain. But these strollers aren’t really designed for all-day use, not like the larger heavily padded traditional strollers that are loaded with all the bells and whistles imaginable. No, the umbrella stroller is more designed for shorter trips and should be used to get your child from one place to the next. They aren’t anywhere near as comfortable as a traditional stroller and they can’t handle any type of challenging terrain like a jogger can. But what they can do better than any other type of stroller is collapse down into a compact package that can easily fit in any type of trunk. These strollers are designed using lightweight materials, which also makes them highly portable and easier to store. Basically, these strollers are more about convenience for mom and dad than anything else. If you’re tired of dragging out the standard stroller for a quick walk around the block or a trip to the mall, then this type of stroller is exactly what you need. But there are some concerns in terms of durability, when it comes to a double design. Can an umbrella stroller really handle two passengers and will it be stable? What about maneuverability? What is storage like with a tandem stroller? These are many questions that new parents have. This guide will walk you through what you can expect in regard to performance, weight, maneuverability, and much more.

What are Umbrella Strollers?

Umbrella strollers aren’t like traditional double strollers. These strollers are supposed to be much lighter, easier to fold, and they’re not as heavy-duty. The frame isn’t as durable as a traditional stroller, you won’t find quite as many extras, and some may be seriously lacking in the storage department. But these strollers are designed with convenience in mind. They’re a better option for shorter outings and aren’t designed for off-road use. So, why would you need one?

Thanks to the smaller folded size and lighter design, these strollers make great secondary strollers. They’re easier to carry, lift, stow, and fold, compared to traditional models. Since they fold down into a compact package, they’re a better choice for airport or retail store use, day-long trips, commuting and short road trips.

How Do They Compare to Other Styles of Strollers?

How Do They Compare to Other Styles of Strollers?

Double umbrella strollers are easy to use and can easily be carried around if your children prefer to walk at some point during your trip. Unlike those massive double strollers that are designed for all-day use, the umbrella stroller is more designed to get your child from one place to another and has fewer features and storage options.

They’re not as heavy as joggers or a standard stroller, but they can be much heavier than the standard single umbrella stroller. They usually come with a small storage bin, reclining seats, and a large canopy. However, they’re still quick and easy to fold and when folded down can easily fit in spaces that a traditional double stroller cannot.

Seating Styles

These strollers can come in either inline or side-by-side. Inline strollers are much easier to navigate, especially when it comes to going through crowds or tight doorways. While it can be more difficult to get through a doorway in a side-by-side model, they have more comfortable seating options, so your children will be less likely to fight over who gets to sit where.


The whole purpose of the umbrella stroller is to save some serious space. If an umbrella stroller you’re interested in is too heavy or large, then it’s not going to be a good option for travel. On the other hand, if it’s too small, then your children may be cramped and it will probably lack several important features that can help make your trip a little easier.


Most models will weight anywhere from fifteen pounds up to twenty-five pounds. A regular double stroller will have an average weight of thirty pounds, which shows you how light the umbrella strollers really are.


The number of wheels a stroller has can impact how easy it is to maneuver it. Most models will feature a dual-wheel design which consists of two wheels per leg. For a double stroller design, some models will have as many as six wheels in the front and six in the back. In general, this type of stroller will struggle with different types of terrain, which means you should stick to cultivated terrain only.

Brake Power

While every model will come with brakes, not all offer the type of stopping power you’ll need. Some models will come equipped with single action brakes with one bar or pedal to engage. Other strollers will have double or triple action brakes which consist of two or three pedals. A good set of brakes should not be difficult to engage. I found that single pedal brakes were much easier to use compared to two and three pedal setups. These triple and double action brakes can often result in user error when a parent forgets to engage each of the brakes every time they park the stroller.

Basic Design

Basic Design

If versatility is something you’re looking for, then you’ll have a hard time finding a versatile umbrella stroller. As I mentioned earlier, the main goal of these strollers is to get your child from one place to another. They often offer the bare minimum since their main purpose is easier transportation. So, don’t expect to find a variety of features and extras.

Age Restrictions

Traditional strollers can accommodate infants from the day of birth up to three or four years of age. Umbrella strollers often aren’t recommended for infants younger than six months of age. Some manufacturers do claim their strollers are appropriate for infants as young as two months old, however, if a particular model doesn’t have proper suspension, then a ride can be potentially dangerous for infants since they can be exposed to a level of force that their body is not able to handle.


If you’re looking for a stroller you can take to the zoo or for long walks, day trips to the beach or the local farmer’s market, then a canopy will be essential. When you’re looking at a stroller’s specs, make sure you check out the measurements of the canopy. Some will provide better protection from the sun than others, although, larger canopies are often only found on higher priced models.

How Old are Your Children?

Is there an age gap between your children? Some umbrella strollers will not be able to accommodate your children if there’s a significant gap in their age. Before you buy, it’s a good idea to check out a stroller’s weight limit to determine if it’ll work for your children or for how long. If your kids are just under the weight limit then you may want to opt for a traditional double stroller instead. Remember, not every model of double stroller will work for a newborn and big sibling.

Height Adjustable

If more than one parent will be using the stroller, make sure you choose a model that’s height adjustable. Additionally, can the seats be adjusted? Do they recline? If your children are prone to falling asleep in their stroller, then reclining seats will be a priority.


Most strollers these days come equipped with a five-point harness system, however, lower-priced umbrella strollers may only come with a lap belt. If you plan on using the stroller for an infant, only use it if it comes with the five-point harness since a simple lap belt is not enough to keep your child safe and securely in their seat.


Umbrella strollers aren’t exactly known for their maneuverability. Their smaller wheels combined with the thinner frame can make these strollers difficult to maneuver, especially when they’re filled to capacity. For most potential buyers difficulty turning and pushing a stroller can be a serious deal-breaker. Depending on the type of terrain you plan on covering, the model you choose can have a major impact on where you’ll be able to go. For the most part, these strollers just weren’t designed to handle grass, gravel, dirt, or sand. Really, if you’re looking for an all-terrain type of stroller you should check out joggers. The primary goal of the umbrella stroller is to transport your child, they’re not designed with the type of wheels or shocks that are needed for challenging terrain. That being said, on smoother terrain, they’re very easy to handle.

Storage Space

Any parent knows how important storage is, especially if you’re carting around two children. If the stroller you’re interested in lacks storage space then you’ll have to carry both diaper bags and the rest of your supplies. Most of these strollers will offer some storage space, but where and how much will vary from model to model. At the very least, choose a stroller that has a built in storage bin located under the seats, which should be large enough to at least store the diaper bags.

Car Seat Use

There are only a few models of umbrella strollers on the market that will work with a car seat. For the most part, this type of stroller just isn’t stable enough for car seat use. Models that are compatible will require the use of a universal car seat adapter, which will work with a wide variety of infant car seat models.

Set Up

One of the best aspects of the umbrella stroller is how easy it is to set up and fold down. However, some models are easier to collapse than others. The model you choose should feature a type of fast folding mechanism that will allow you to collapse the stroller in seconds. We’ve all had to deal with a stubborn stroller that can be a nightmare to fold. Don’t fall into this trap with your next stroller. Do a little research to learn how easy a particular stroller is to use and store.


Many of these strollers are made out of either steel or aluminum. Aluminum is a better option since it’s just as durable as steel but is also much lighter. Aside from being impressively durable, aluminum is also rust and corrosion-resistant.

Narrowing it Down

If you’re trying to narrow down your choices on your search for the right stroller, there are a few things you should consider before you hit that buy now button. First off, why do you need a lighter stroller? Do you plan on commuting regularly? Do you need a stroller for travel or weekend trips?

If you’re looking for a stroller to use strictly for traveling, then go with the lightest, smallest option available. If you’re planning a day trip then you may need a model that comes with a few basic features, such as a storage bin and cup holders. If you want a stroller mainly for indoor use, such as shopping, then finding a model with a large canopy may not be a priority.

Basically, determining where you plan on using your stroller can help you choose the right type of features you need.

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Final Thoughts

A double stroller is always a great option if you have more than one child and you need a more convenient way to get around when you’re out shopping or plan on spending the day out and about.

The best double umbrella stroller can be difficult to find since the market is basically flooded with a variety of models to choose from and many manufacturers equip their strollers with the same features. My buyer’s guide and my in-depth reviews of the leading models will make it a little easier for you to figure out which types of features you’ll rely on the most and which model can meet your needs, the needs of your children, and one that will work with your budget.