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BRIO 31350 – Toddler Wobbler Review


Most parents purchase a walker to encourage their child to stand and take their first steps. The best baby push walker for your little one should feature an adjustable handle, a stable base, and wheels that are slow rolling. It should also be a model that’s suitable for your older infant or toddler, based on their age. The Brio 31350 Toddler Wobbler is perfect for older infants and younger toddlers who have just learned how to stand or those who have already taken their first steps.

Our Verdict: This small walker is perfect for older infants or younger toddlers who are just learning how to stand or those who have yet to take their first steps independently. However, the walker itself is not appropriate for users over the age of two. Additionally, the wagon compartment is not designed for child use, instead, it’s designed as a fun way to allow your little one to take their favorite toys with them, wherever they go. Overall, despite its adjustability, this is one walker larger children may outgrow quickly. However, if you’re searching for a walker that’s specifically designed for younger users, then I highly recommend the Wobbler as a model that allows your child to progress at their own pace.

Overview and Features

If you’re looking for a walker that offers the best value, then a model that’s highly adjustable is key. The Wobbler features an adjustable handle, which will allow you to shorten or lengthen it, based on your child’s height. Often, lower-priced walkers don’t offer this feature, which can make it difficult for toddlers to use if they’re too tall or short for the walker. Additionally, it’s also a safety concern since shorter toddlers will have trouble steering the walker safely.

This walker will give your little one a chance to get outdoors and get active. The goal of every walker is to encourage toddlers to take their first steps, while helping to strengthen the legs and improve your child’s gross motor skills. This model’s slow-rolling wheels will give your child the confidence they need to take their first steps, without the fear of falling. This walker is the perfect way to get your baby outdoors and exploring, just make sure you know how to dress a baby in the summer in order to prevent sun damage caused by harmful UV rays.

BRIO 31350 - Toddler Wobbler

Our Rating: (4.5/5)


  • Designed for younger users
  • Adjustable handle
  • Storage compartment for toys
  • Brakes
  • Slow-rolling wheels
  • Thick rubber tires


The handle consists of a lightweight durable metal with an arched design. Fortunately, this highly adjustable handle allows you to switch the setting based on height, ensuring safety and allowing your child to slowly take their first steps while holding onto this stable, easy-grip handle. This is a walker that’s designed to keep pace with your child’s progress. Directly on the handle, you’ll find an easy squeeze brake which can be used to safely slow down the wheels.


Another issue you’ll run into when shopping for a new walker is free-rolling wheels. Wheels that can pick up speed can also easily cause the walker to roll away from your toddler, which can result in a fall. The wheels on this model are slow-rolling, wide, and feature a non-skid design that allows your little one to easily control the pace of the walker, and all without marking up your kitchen floor.

Recommended Use

This model is perfect for early walkers and infants who are just learning how to stand and haven’t yet taken their first steps independently. This walker will work well for users nine months up to two years of age. Due to the size of the walker and the age restrictions, keep in mind that your child may quickly outgrow this model. However, if you’re looking for a safer option for your older infant, then this age-appropriate walker is a much safer alternative than walkers designed for children ages one to four. The compact, lightweight design will allow a younger child to easily control the walker’s direction as they practice taking their first steps.



The walker is made out of tough beech wood, which is painted a bright red and features a glossy, vibrant finish. The base itself feels very sturdy and stable. While it does feature a lightweight design that’s intended to help younger users have better control over changing directions and when pushing, it’s still heavy enough to prevent the walker from tipping over during use.


The manufacturer claims this walker has undergone extensive safety testing in order to ensure that it meets every safety standard, which is sure to be a huge plus for both mom and dad.

Storage Compartment

Unfortunately, while the walker does look like it also doubles as a wagon, the wagon section of the walker is not safe for infant or toddler use. Instead, it’s a small compartment that your little one can use to transport their favorite toys around the house or they can bring some toys along when they head outdoors and practice walking up and down the sidewalk or driveway.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Lightweight design
  • Adjustable handle
  • Wagon compartment for toys
  • Brakes
  • Slow-rolling wheels
  • Perfect for infants just learning how to stand


  • Wagon compartment cannot be used by toddler
  • Toddler may quickly outgrow it

Brio Versus Pidoko Kids Ride On Fire Truck

The Pidoko ride on fire truck offers a little more versatility than the Wobbler, since it acts as both a sit-on toy and a walker in one, whereas the Wobbler acts as a basic walker. However, the Pidoko model is not suitable for some toddlers and is a better choice for children who have already taken their first steps and are able to use their legs to propel themselves. Younger users may struggle to balance sitting on top of the fire truck and will require close supervision from mom and dad to prevent falls.

But in terms of versatility, the fire truck is the clear winner. It comes loaded with toys and activities, such as a built-in shape sorter, which will help your child to develop their fine motor skills. Ultimately, the Wobbler is the safer option for younger children who are not quite able to stand independently, and those who have yet to take their first steps. The Pidoko walker is more suitable for children over the age of one.

Conclusion and Rating

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

BRIOIf you’re looking for a walker that’s more suitable for older infants and younger toddlers, then the Wobbler definitely fits the bill. Its durable adjustable handle will allow moms and dads to increase the height as their child grows, which will also help to improve safety and stability as your child walks. It will also give a child more control when they change direction and prevents the handle from slipping out of their hands.

The slow-rolling wheel design will prevent toddlers from falling and the walker from quickly rolling away. Versatile, adjustable, and designed with the younger toddler in mind, I gave this model a rating of four and a half out of five stars.