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Dr. Brown’s Deluxe Bottle Sterilizer Review


If you’re new to this parenthood thing, there’s no doubt you’ve heard of Dr. Brown’s bottles. These bottles are designed to prevent your little one from sucking in air when they’re using their bottle, which, in turn, prevents gas, colic, and digestive upset. In fact, using these bottles is also supposed to prevent your little one from spitting up entirely. Now, this manufacturer has released its own bottle sterilizer, which the manufacturer claims should only be used to sterilize brand-specific bottles. If you’re a long-time brand user, then the release of this new model can be pretty exciting, especially considering this brand has a reputation for quality.

Our Verdict: This Dr. Brown’s bottle sterilizer is a model that doesn’t offer any additional functions such as bottle warming or drying, however, it does offer a dedicated sterilizing tray, which can be used to sterilize breast pump parts, bottle rings and caps, nipples, pacifiers, teething rings, and small toys. This model can also handle up to six eleven ounce bottles, so you can sterilize all your bottles in one shot. The sterilizing process is just eight minutes long, however, some parents may consider the inability to control the length of the cycle as a drawback. While the manufacturer pushes pretty hard in terms of only using this model for their brand-specific bottles, this model will work well with any standard-sized bottle and can even accommodate wide-mouth or angled bottles, like a champ.

Overview and Features

Many of the best bottle sterilizers come with a variety of features that can eliminate harmful bacteria and germs, in addition to warming up bottles and breast milk bags, but those are the models that have a very low bottle capacity, so you’ll have to run the sterilizer several times a day to clean all of your baby’s bottles. But this model can handle six eleven ounce bottles and works best with Dr. Brown’s bottles, however, you can use it for other types of standard-sized eleven-ounce bottles.

Dr. Brown's Deluxe Bottle Sterilizer

Our Rating: (4.5/5)


  • Can sterilize six bottles at once
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Beginner-friendly design
  • Kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria
  • Lightweight design
  • Free extras


This is a pretty basic model in terms of features. It doesn’t come with a flashy large LCD screen, instead, the controls are very simple, which can actually be a plus for parents who have never used a sterilizer before. This simple, compact design also makes this model more counter space friendly. The sterilizer is also highly portable, thanks to its lightweight design.


Many competing models don’t come with any extras, however, this model is equipped with a sterilizing tray, tongs, and a measuring cup. The tongs should be used whenever removing bottles from the sterilizer, in order to avoid burns. You’ll use the included measuring cup to fill up the water reservoir before you begin a sterilizing cycle.

Bottle Types

While the manufacturer really pushes using this model for brand-specific bottles, it can actually accommodate other brand name bottles as well. In fact, this model is pretty versatile and can also handle angled and wide-mouth bottles. However, you may find that the model cannot accommodate six wide-mouth bottles at once, so you may need to do smaller batches for that specific type of bottle. Overall, I felt that the sterilizer’s capacity was pretty impressive, considering many competing models can hold an average of up to three bottles per batch.


While it may not seem like it, the ability to sterilize more than two or three bottles at a time is a big deal. This model will allow you to sterilize up to six full-sized bottles at one time, in just eight minutes.

Sterilizing Process


Use the included tray to place bottle rings and caps, nipples, pacifiers, and teething rings while you sterilize a batch of bottles. The only drawback for some parents concerning the sterilizing cycle is the fact that you can’t choose the length of the process. Instead, you only have the single eight-minute cycle. A longer cycle for brand new bottles or to use when your infant is getting over an illness would’ve been a great addition. However, you can simply run the cycle an additional time. To learn more about the importance of sterilizing baby bottles, click here to read my guide on the different methods you can use to sterilize baby bottles.

Care and Maintenance

This model should be descaled one to two times a month, or once you begin to see signs of mineral buildup. To descale, you will need to mix a fifty-fifty solution of vinegar and water.  To clean, simply wipe down the interior and exterior using a damp cloth. Leave the lid of the sterilizer open after each use to allow it to air dry thoroughly.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Eight-minute sterilizing cycle
  • Can hold up to six eleven ounce bottles per cycle
  • Dedicated sterilizing tray for bottle accessories and more
  • Free tongs and measuring cup
  • Good price to value ratio
  • Great build quality


  • Only one sterilizing cycle to choose from

Dr. Brown Versus Papablic Baby Bottle Electric Steam Sterilizer

This model is up against the latest bottle sterilizer in Papablic’s lineup. This particular model is more versatile and can handle eleven bottles per batch. Additionally, it will also dry the bottles, however, if you decide to wait for the dryer function to finish you’ll be dealing with a longer cycle of forty-five minutes or sixty-five minutes for a full batch. If you want to skip the drying process, this machine can sterilize a batch in just eight minutes. The larger capacity and built-in dryer may be enough to appeal to parents looking for a model that gives them the ability to choose the sterilization cycle length.

Additionally, the fact that the machine also dries the bottles and accessories is a huge plus for any parent since it can save them time in the kitchen. This model by Dr. Brown’s is a simple, dedicated sterilizer with no extra fancy features. It allows you to sterilize up to six bottles per cycle and does come with a special tray that will safely hold smaller accessories, while the competition does not.

Despite the fact that the Papablic bottle sterilizer can hold almost twice the amount of bottles that this sterilizer can, both models are available at a comparable price. In the end, it will be a matter of going with a brand you trust.

Conclusion and Rating

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

DrBrownsThis is a model that makes the bottle sterilizing process seem, fast and easy, which is the way it should be. You won’t have to waste time around the kitchen waiting for a timer to go off, instead, you can easily sterilize a large batch of bottles in a matter of minutes.

If you’re looking for a bottle sterilizer with a reputation for power and efficiency, then this model by Dr. Brown’s is a great buy. With this machine, you can sterilize a variety of different bottle types, in addition to sterilizing small toys, nipples, bottle accessories, breast pump parts, and teething rings and pacifiers. This model will help to make mom and dad’s life a little easier with its large six-bottle capacity, which allows you to sterilize most of your infant’s bottle in a single batch. I gave this model a rating of four and a half out of five stars.