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FORSTART Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker Push and Pull Activity Center Review


What’s one of the biggest challenges for new parents? Finding new products for their infants that are affordable, and learning how to choose a toy their child won’t quickly outgrow. That’s especially common with walking devices. But the best baby push walkers are versatile and will grow with your child as they hit different stages of development. This Sit-to-Stand by Forstart has a unique design that allows moms and dads to change the push resistance of the walker, allowing them to match it to their child’s progress. Not only will this walker help to improve fine and gross motor skills, but it will also keep your child happy and engaged, thanks to the large detachable activity panel that your child can take with them, wherever they go.

Our Verdict: The Sit-to-Stand by Forstart is a unique walker that allows parents to ensure their child’s safety as they take their first steps by adjusting the friction of the wheels based on terrain type, and by filling the base of the walker to increase or decrease push resistance.

This will give older infants or younger toddlers more control over the walker and the direction they go in. Aside from these safety features, the walker is also a hit due to its large activity panel which is packed with a variety of toys that any toddler will find engaging. But while your toddler is busy playing with the many built-in activities they’re also working on improving their fine motor skills. I would recommend this model for infants as young as six months and toddlers up to three years of age.

Overview and Features

Parents want a walker that comes loaded with activities that will help to keep their infant or toddler engaged as they focus on toddler meal ideas and prepare for the day, or fold a load of laundry. Basically, it should be a toy that their child will not quickly lose interest in. But as you can see, this is a pretty tall order. Fortunately, the manufacturer seems to have thought of everything in terms of versatility, adjustability, and by creating a detachable activity panel that’s packed with a number of activities any child will love.

FORSTART Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker Push and Pull Activity Center

Our Rating: (4.5/5)


  • Adjustable handle
  • Traction adjustable wheels
  • Adjustable push resistance
  • Detachable activity panel
  • Perfect for infants six months old to toddlers up to three years of age
  • Made from BPA-free plastic

The best part about this walker is the fact that you can introduce it to your infant as early as six months of age, right when they’ve learned how to sit up independently. It can also be used for toddlers as old as three years of age. Even after your child has mastered learning how to walk on their own, you’ll notice that they will continue playing with the activity center, which means you’re getting a lot more value out of this model than you would from competing walkers, and that’s exactly what every parent wants.

Base Design

As an infant learning how to sit, stand, and walk, using a push walker that’s too advanced can be a scary and intimidating experience. Imagine being very small and unsure of your footing. Using a large walker that’s not only heavy but moves quickly often results in a fall. After just a fall or two your infant or toddler may never want to try using their walker again. But that’s where the Sit-to-Stand comes in. The base of the walker can be filled with different levels of sand or water, both of which work to increase push resistance, which will prevent the walker from picking up speed and slipping out of your infant or toddler’s hands.

Based on your child’s progress and development, you can fill the base of the walker with gravel, sand, or water, pouring it directly into the walker’s tank. This helps to significantly improve the model’s stability and gives your child the type of confidence they need to keep trying. Begin with a full tank if your child is just learning to stand. At this point, they will only need something stable they can hold onto. As your child grows, slowly remove the sand, rocks, or water, which will cause the wheels to roll slightly faster, based on your child’s development and progress.



The wheels are made out of thick rubber and have a deep tread for improved traction. On the rear wheel, there is an adjustable brake that you can use to increase the friction, based on whether your child is walking on a sidewalk, kitchen floor, grass, or carpet. This will also help improve the walker’s stability and give your toddler a more secure way to ambulate, without the fear of the walker getting away from them during use.


Many walkers can only be used on the kitchen floor or sidewalks, otherwise, the wheels will struggle to turn smoothly. However, this model is very versatile and can handle a wide variety of terrain types.

Height Adjustable

The height-adjustable handle will allow you to raise or lower the level of the handle, based on your child’s height. This is a huge plus for smaller users. The ability to adjust the height level will give your toddler more control during use.

Activity Panel

The walker is equipped with a large activity panel that’s detachable, so your child can take it with them, wherever they go. Because of the feature-packed activity panel, younger infants who are sitting up independently will also love using this walker. It can also help them become familiar with the toy and may even encourage them to use it to start standing. The panel comes with a five-key piano that plays music and works to keep them engaged while also enhancing their fine motor skills and creativity. The panel is loaded with a variety of activities that are specifically designed to appeal to infants and toddlers alike.


The walker is made out of non-toxic ABS plastic that’s BPA-free. It’s also been fully tested and met both European EN71 and U.S. ASTM safety standards.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Height adjustable
  • Detachable activity panel
  • Adjustable push resistance
  • Made out of ABS plastic
  • BPA-free
  • Traction adjustable


  • May struggle when used on shag carpet

Forstart Versus Vtech Sit-to-Stand Walker

This model and the walker by Vtech share many similarities, such as the adjustable handle and detachable activity panel. However, the model by Vtech doesn’t include a tank that you can fill to increase push resistance. There’s also no option to change up wheel friction. Both are suitable for younger infants and older toddlers, however, this model can be used by infants as young as six months, while the Vtech walker is suitable for infants nine months and up. Both are durable in design, but the Vtech walker is nowhere near as adjustable as the walker by Forstart.

Conclusion and Rating

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

ForstartThe Forstart Sit-to-Stand is a best-selling walker for a number of reasons. Not only can it appeal to infants who are sitting up independently, but even older toddlers will love the unique design that allows this walker to go on a variety of terrain types. Additionally, the large detachable activity panel will be a big hit with children of all ages. I gave this model a rating of four and a half out of five stars.