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How to Fold A Stroller in Under a Minute


Most stroller manufacturers have come up with new and better ways to collapse and fold a stroller, since the number one complaint most parents have is not knowing how to fold a stroller correctly or quickly. In the past, models had complicated folding mechanisms that made it difficult for new parents to learn how to get the hang of the process. But for the most part, all modern strollers will feature a similar folding mechanism and process that allows parents to collapse and pack up their stroller in just a few seconds.

How to fold stroller: This process can vary from model to model, however, most modern strollers can be collapsed by pulling on the strap located right under the spot your child sits. The brakes should be engaged and the canopy should be collapsed before folding. With older models, you may have a more complicated process on your hands. You will first need to engage the brakes, fold the canopy, recline the seat, then locate the folding handle to collapse the stroller. Some models will be easier to fold than others, but with a little patience and practice, you’ll get the hang of it in no time.

Continue reading to learn how to quickly collapse both modern and older strollers, what you can do to make the process a little easier, and which stroller earned my stamp of approval.

Getting it Right the First Time

These days, folding up a stroller can be as easy as tugging on a lever. Other models, especially older strollers, can require a little more elbow grease on your part, with a longer process that’s initially difficult, but can be accomplished quickly, once you get the hang of it.

So, how can you fold up an older model stroller?

Setting the Brakes

To start, you’ll need to set the brakes. The brakes are usually located near the rear wheels. Use your foot to depress the brakes. Once the lever is placed in the lowest position, the wheels will not be able to roll.

Next, you’ll need to lock the front wheels. Not all models come with front brakes. In fact, this is a feature that’s more commonly found on older strollers. To lock the front wheels on your stroller push the stroller a few inches forward, then find the small lever located between the front wheels. Depending on the model, the lever will need to be pushed up or down to lock the wheels in place.

Folding the Canopy

The next step is folding the canopy or canopies if you’re using the best double umbrella stroller. To do, just gently tug on the canopy. If the canopy is open, make sure you place it into the folded position.

Reclining the Seats

Next, recline the seat backward, pushing it back as far as it’s able to go. With some strollers, you may also have to undo some latches, which can usually be found on the side of the seat.

Folding Handle

Now look for a small lever. Check both the left and right sides of the stroller. This lever will typically be located somewhere near the wheels or the seat base. On some strollers, you can simply collapse the stroller using this handle, after it’s tugged in a specific direction. With other strollers, You’ll need to press a small button located in the center of the handle. You will need to press the button as you pull on the handle, in order to fully collapse it.

You Made It!

You’re finally ready to fold the stroller together. This can be done by simply pushing the seat and back together. If there is a lower handle, use it to grip the stroller as you fold it down. You can also tug on a space near the lower frame by the wheels. Finish the process by pushing from the seat base and the top handle.

New Strollers

Most modern strollers will have a fast folding mechanism that will allow you to fold it using one hand. To fold this type of stroller, you’ll need to collapse the canopy back against the handle of the stroller. Next, tug the strap located at the hinge of the seat, which will collapse the stroller. This design is pretty standard for most newer models. However, if you’re still not sure how to fold a specific type of stroller, consult the user’s manual or visit the manufacturer’s website for directions and troubleshooting tips.

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Final Thoughts

Learning how to fold stroller doesn’t have to be the same type of hair pulling experience it used to be. Use my guide or follow the manufacturer’s instructions and you’ll find that you can easily collapse a stroller in under a minute, with a little practice.