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Little Tikes 3-In-1 Activity Walker Review 

Little Tikes

The 3-in-1 activity walker by Little Tikes may just be the best baby push walker if you’re looking for a model that’s versatile, safe, and designed to keep your child happy and engaged so you can tackle important jobs around the house. This model is jam-packed with activities and it can be used by younger infants and older toddlers, so you can expect your child to get at least a few years of use out of it, which is a huge plus for families on a tight budget.

Our Verdict: This push walker by Little Tikes can go from an activity center that lays on the floor, for younger infants, to a push walker for babies who are ready to stand and/or walk, to a play table once toddlers are able to walk independently. When in the walker position, parents can adjust the resistance level of the wheels, preventing them from spinning freely, which can lead to a fall if your child is not able to keep up. The activity center comes with over seventy activities, which is sure to keep your little one entertained. I recommend this walker to any family on a tight budget searching for a model that their child will not quickly outgrow. 

Overview and Features

This model features an attractive jungle theme, complete with vibrant colors, animals, music, and sound effects. The vivid design is sure to capture the attention of every infant and toddler. However, aside from its appealing design, it’s also very versatile and can be used by infants as young as six months of age and toddlers up to three years of age. This is a three-in-one toy that allows you to switch it from an activity center for babies, into a walker for children who are ready to stand and take their first steps, to a play table that can be used by children who are now able to walk independently.

Little Tikes 3-In-1 Activity Walker

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

Little Tikes

  • Turns into an activity center, walker, and play table
  • Adjustable wheel resistance
  • Comes with over seventy activities
  • Perfect for younger infants and older toddlers
  • Large grip handle
  • Stable base

Activity Panel

The activity panel comes loaded with over seventy built-in toys, including:

  • Piano
  • Flip books
  • Spinning balls
  • Glowing light domes
  • Spinning drum
  • Alphabet
  • Peek-a-boo sliders
  • Gears that turn
  • Spinning toucan
  • Music
  • Animal sounds

And more. Unfortunately, the activity panel is not detachable.

Versatile Design

This model can be used by infants as young as six months of age. At this age, you’ll keep the walker folded down, allowing your child to easily access the activity panel. Once they’re ready to start standing, open up the walker and allow your child to grasp the handle for additional support as they test out their leg muscles. Once your child is ready to start walking, they can hold onto the handle as they explore the living room or the great outdoors.


The wheels feature adjustable speed control, which is essential with younger toddlers. If your child is just learning to take their first steps, then you’ll adjust the wheels to add more resistance. This prevents the wheels from spinning too quickly, causing the walker to get ahead of your child. Once they’re more confident in their walking skills you can minimize the resistance and allow them to walk at their own pace, without the worry of the walker slipping out of their hands.

Activity Table

Little Tikes

Once your child has outgrown the walker itself and they’re easily walking independently, you can convert the walker into a play table, so your child can still enjoy the included activity panel. Basically, this is an activity panel, walker, and play table in one.


Aside from the flashing lights and animal sounds, this model also comes loaded with a variety of music your child will love.

Motor Skill Development

The walker focuses on improving a child’s fine and gross motor skills. The small built-in toys on the activity panel will help your child practice using their index finger and their pincher grip, while when in walker mode, this model will help to strengthen your child’s legs and help them to perfect their balance so they’ll feel more confident about taking those precious first steps.

Tips for New Parents

If you’re not sure if your infant is ready to use this model in walker mode, keep an eye out for signs that they’re ready to stand. If your infant is already sitting independently and you’ve noticed them grabbing onto nearby furniture in an attempt to pull themselves into a standing position, then this is a good indication that your child is ready for the next step. At this point, you can turn the activity center into the walker and make sure you adjust the wheels so that they have the highest resistance. This will make the walker more stable and will prevent your little one from pulling it down or tipping it over if they attempt to pull themselves up with it. Once you notice that your child prefers to practice their walking independently of the walker, then it’s time to switch the walker into the play table position. For more tips on your child’s development, make sure you stop by and read my guide on an-depth look at sterilizing bottles.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Functions as an activity panel, walker, and play table
  • Wheels have adjustable resistance levels
  • Large grip handle
  • Stable base
  • Improves gross and fine motor skills
  • Equipped with over seventy activities


  • Activity panel is not detachable

Little Tikes Versus Forstart Push Walker

The Forstart walker features a highly adjustable, unique design that this model really can’t compete with. For starters, the included tank on the Forstart walker allows parents to add sand or water in order to create a more stable base. The wheels on the walker can also be adjusted based on floor type. This means there will be more push resistance on slick surfaces, making it safe for your toddler to walk without falling.

The Forstart model also comes with an activity panel, which is detachable, allowing your child to take it with them wherever they go. However, compared to this model, the Forstart walker is really just a one-trick pony. While it’s definitely highly adjustable, it cannot turn into three different toys like this Little Tikes model can. Both are offered at a comparable price and the competing model definitely has the lead in terms of adjustability, but I felt that this model had more to offer in terms of value considering it essentially functions as three toys in one.

Conclusion and Rating

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

Little TikesThe Little Tikes 3-in-1 is an activity center, walker, and play table in one. This type of versatility means that your child will not quickly outgrow it, offering the best value for families on a tight budget. When in walker mode, parents can adjust the push resistance level, making it safer for their child to walk around the home with their new toy, without the fear that the wheels will spin too quickly for their child to keep up. The unique activities center comes with over seventy built-in toys, which is sure to keep your child happy and engaged as they improve their fine motor skills. Overall, this is a very versatile model that’s perfect for infants six months old up to toddlers three years of age.