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Papablic Baby Bottle Electric Steam Sterilizer and Dryer Review


Most new parents are shocked to learn how much stuff they have to buy when they’re waiting for their new bundle of joy to arrive. From diapers and breast pumps to the best bottle sterilizer, the list can seem unending and more than a little overwhelming. But every once in a while parents get lucky and come across products like the Papablic Baby Bottle Electric steam sterilizer and dryer. A versatile model that’s easy to use, powerful, and efficient.

Mistakenly, many moms that breastfeed may not think they need a bottle sterilizer at all, however, there will be times when mom goes back to work or for a night out, so pumping will become a necessity as will baby bottles and all the gear that comes with them, such as a bottle sterilizer. Additionally, a bottle sterilizer will also be a must for breast pump parts, which should be sterilized after use. To learn more about breast milk, make sure to stop by and read my breast milk guide.

Our Verdict: This is one versatile sterilizer. Not only can it be used to ensure your baby bottles are germ-free, but you can also use it for breast pump parts, nipples, teething rings, bottle accessories, small toys, and more. This model offers a few different types of sterilizing cycles, so you can use the dial control to select the length of each cycle. Additionally, this model can hold up to eleven full-sized baby bottles, plus any bottle accessories. Not only will it sterilize bottles and other feeding equipment, but it also completely dries them, which will save you from having to dry all of your infant’s feeding supplies before storing it. As you can see, this countertop model is versatile, easy to use, and will be one appliance that you’ll find yourself relying on to sterilize anything that comes into contact with your child’s mouth.

Overview and Features

There are several popular models of electric steam sterilizers on the market, so choosing the right one can be difficult. However, this particular model by Papablic offers some great features that make this model easy to use and maintain. Some parents choose not to purchase a sterilizer simply because they believe they’ll only need it for their child’s first twelve months of life. But this model can actually be used long after your child has stopped using bottles. It can easily be used to sterilize silverware, pacifiers, toothbrushes, small toys, and some smaller sippy cups, ensuring that harmful bacteria and germs don’t come into contact with your little one’s mouth.

To learn more about different methods of sterilization and why these countertop models offer the most efficient way to sterilize baby bottles and other equipment, click here to read my in-depth guide on sterilizing.

Papablic Baby Bottle Electric Steam Sterilizer and Dryer

Our Rating: (5/5)


  • Timer
  • Fast sterilizing process
  • Can fit eleven full-sized bottles per cycle
  • Can be used to sterilize more than just bottles
  • Lightweight design
  • Highly portable


You won’t find a timer on many competing models. The timer offers the following options:

  • Eight-minute sterilizing process
  • Forty-five minute sterilizing process
  • Sixty-five minute sterilizing process

The eight-minute cycle allows you to toss in nipples, breast pump parts, and bottles for those mornings when you don’t have time for the standard cycle length.

The forty-five minute cycle will provide a more efficient sterilization process, and dry the bottles and equipment thoroughly, which is perfect for busy moms and dads who just don’t have the time to manually dry all of their baby’s feeding equipment.

The sixty-five-minute cycle is perfect for larger loads that consist of teething rings, nipples, bottle rings, lids, bottles, and breast pump parts. This process will take an extra twenty minutes compared to the standard forty-five-minute cycle, but it’s worth it to clean all of your feeding supplies in one shot.

Once a cycle is complete, the appliance will automatically shut off. This is a great safety feature that not all models offer.


This is a larger countertop sterilizer that can hold up to eleven bottles in one shot. The sterilizer’s lightweight design also makes it very easy to transport, if you’re planning a weekend trip to grandma’s house. Weighing in at just four pounds, you’ll be impressed with how powerful this lightweight model really is. The fact that it’s highly portable will also be a big selling point for families who travel. When not in use, you can leave this model out on the counter or easily store it.

Drying Feature


The fact that this sterilizer includes a dry cycle is a big selling point for parents who don’t have time to manually dry bottles, nipples, and other feeding equipment. However, keep in mind that using the dry cycle can add ten to twenty minutes to the cleaning process, so if you’re in a hurry, you’ll have to skip that feature. All bottles and feeding equipment should be dried thoroughly and promptly in order to prevent mold growth.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Timer
  • Can hold up to eleven bottles per cycle
  • Dry cycle
  • One dial control
  • Weighs in at four pounds
  • Can sterilize bottle nipples, small toys, teething rings, breast pump parts, and bottles


  • Does not come with a warming feature
  • Dry cycle adds a lot of time to the sterilization process

Papablic Versus Philips AVENT 3-in-1 Electric Steam Sterilizer

This model by Papablic has some serious competition. Enter the Philips Avent 3-in-1 electric steam sterilizer. This competing model claims it can kill up to 99.9% of bacteria and germs, and offers an even shorter cycle of just six minutes. But, it does fall short in terms of size and the dry cycle. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have an automatic drying feature, so you’ll be stuck drying bottles and other feeding equipment, manually. Additionally, it can only handle up to six bottles compared to this model’s eleven. For some parents, this will be a deal-breaker, especially for those who want to sterilize all of their baby’s equipment in one cycle. However, in terms of price, the model by Philips Avent is offered for almost half the cost of this leading model by Papablic. So, if you’re on a tight budget and in need of a smaller, efficient sterilizer, go for the model by Philips. However, if you’re searching for a model that can handle sterilizing all of your baby’s feeding equipment in one shot, stick with this top-rated machine.

Conclusion and Rating

Our Rating: (5/5)

PapablicThe Papablic baby bottle electric steam sterilizer and dryer can help make your life a little easier while protecting your infant’s delicate immune system. The variety of cycles allows you to choose the length of the sterilization process, which can come in handy if you’re short on time and need to take advantage of the short eight-minute cycle. The simple one dial control makes this model easy for beginners to use, while the large interior will give you the ability to wash all of your infant’s feeding equipment in one shot. Overall, for the size and its efficient performance, you’ll be hard-pressed to find another model that can stand up to what this steam sterilizer has to offer. I gave this model a rating of five out of five stars.