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Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon Review

Radio Flyer

Most moms and dads are familiar with the brand Radio Flyer and their classic little red wagons. Their latest model, the Walker Wagon offers a new take on the design, allowing younger toddlers who are just learning how to walk improve leg strength and develop leg muscles using this cute, compact wagon that doubles as the best baby push walker. This multi-use model will appeal to parents since it’s a walker a toddler will not quickly outgrow and one that can be used both as a walker and wagon.

Our Verdict: This versatile walker is perfect for children one to four years of age. The wheels feature a push resistance safety mechanism that prevents the wheels from rolling too quickly, thus preventing the walker from rolling away from your child during use. The large grip handle is built tough and can be used during ambulation or your toddler can use it to hold onto as they move from a sitting position to a standing position. This model can also be used as a wagon, which makes it perfect for long outings.

 Overview and Features

Keeping your toddler entertained isn’t exactly easy. Most babies tend to outgrow their push walkers in a matter of a few months, which is why some parents are hesitant to purchase this style of walker. But Radio Flyer offers a whole new take on walker design. You’ve taken the proper precautions and learned how to dress a baby in the winter, but during the colder months of the year, your toddler still needs to go outdoors and stretch their developing leg muscles. This walker can easily handle both indoor and outdoor use. It works well on cultivated terrain, so your toddler will have no problem pushing this walker down the sidewalk and once they get tired, they can rest inside the wagon as mom or dad haul them home.

Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

Radio Flyer

  • Walker and wagon in one
  • Push resistance wheels
  • Stable and durable
  • Large grip handle
  • Classic Radio Flyer design
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors


While this model may look like a traditional wagon, it can be used as a push walker for older infants who are just learning how to stand or toddlers who have already taken their first steps. The walker comes in the classic Radio Flyer colors of rich red and white. The large bed of the wagon is surrounded by wooden rails that are removable.

The front of the wagon features a slightly different design than what we’ve seen from past models. Instead of a squared-off front, this model is equipped with a grip handle, which makes the wagon look more like a pushcart.


The walker is equipped with the classic large plastic wheels commonly found on the traditional wagons. These large wheels feature deep treads which can help to improve traction during use and can prevent your little one from slipping or the walker from rolling away from your toddler during use. The wheels are also equipped with a push resistance mechanism which will prevent the walker from jerking forward as your child walks holding onto the grip bar.

Grip Bar

The wide grip bar is what your toddler will hold onto when they take their first steps and learn how to balance. Obviously, the main purpose of this walker is to assist your toddler when they’re walking, improve gross motor skills, strengthen the muscles in the legs, and give your little one the confidence they need to take their first steps independently. This is achieved by the solid grip bar. The wagon and grip bar is so sturdy that your toddler can pull themselves up to a standing position from a sitting position, without the fear of the walker tipping over. When holding onto the grip bar your toddler will learn how they can use their body weight to push the walker. This wagon will slowly move forward as your toddler balances, assisting them with every step. Your toddler can then focus on learning how to steer the walker by using their new gripping skills.

Safety Features

Radio Flyer

This model can be used both indoors and outdoors. It doesn’t contain any small removable parts so it’s safe for use for children under the age of three. The weight of the wagon is heavy enough to prevent the wagon from tipping over during use. The front of the walker features a bumper which will help to protect your furniture as your toddler learns how to walk around the home and steer.

As I mentioned, this walker is also perfect for outdoor use. However, it can’t handle rolling over grass and instead should be used on cultivated terrain such as sidewalks and driveways.

Recommended Use

This model is recommended for children one year up to four years of age. Children under the age of one will be unable to control the walker or its direction. Keep in mind, all children develop at their own pace, so some younger children may benefit from using this wagon, and smaller children can continue to use the wagon over the age of four. Since the wheels are equipped with the push resistance feature, there’s no fear of the walker rolling away from smaller users, however, the sheer weight of the wagon can make it difficult for some toddlers to steer it.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Stable
  • Durable
  • Push resistance
  • Walker and wagon in one
  • Easy to control
  • Removable wooden rails


  • Cannot be used by infants under one year of age

Radio Flyer Versus BRIO 31350 – Toddler Wobbler

While the Radio Flyer wagon is designed for children over the age of one, the Brio Toddler Wobbler is a better buy for infants nine months and up. Of course, the Wobbler is nowhere near as stable and durable as this model, however, it’s a better option for infants who are just learning how to stand. Like the Radio Flyer, this walker also doubles as a wagon, however, it’s not suitable for children over the age of two. If you want a walker your child won’t quickly outgrow, then stick with a classic. However, if you’re eager to help your little one start walking as soon as possible, then the Wobbler is a more appropriate choice.

Conclusion and Rating

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

Radio Flyer

This Radio Flyer walker and wagon combo will grow with your child and can be used from one to four years of age. This walker is solidly built, complete with a variety of features that will help your little one as they take their first steps. The large grip handle will help your child balance as they learn how to use their weight to control the walker’s direction. Additionally, the wheels come equipped with push resistance, which prevents the wheels from spinning too quickly, thus preventing the walker from getting away from your little one. This model can be used both indoors and outdoors, which makes it a great buy for parents in search of a walker their child will not quickly outgrow. I gave this model a rating of four and a half out of five stars.