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VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker Review


The VTech Sit to Stand Walker is considered one of the best baby push walkers on the market. This walker features a removable toy play panel that’s designed to improve fine motor skills and keep your child engaged. This feature-packed walker comes with a variety of activities that all toddlers will love, including a mini piano, a couple of spinning rollers, three light-up buttons, and three shapes sorters that are designed to develop fine motor skills. Overall, this is one push Walker that’s designed to grow with your toddler, so you’ll get plenty of bang for your buck.

Our Verdict: There’s no doubt that this model by VTech is packed with a wide variety of toys that infants and toddlers will love. The fact that it comes with a detachable activity panel is a selling point for most parents, especially those who are looking for a walker that’s more versatile. This model comes equipped with a sturdy base and large wheels with a deep tread, designed to make it more stable and safer for toddlers. However, considering it doesn’t feature any height adjustment options older toddlers may quickly outgrow this model. But considering this model comes loaded with over seventy songs and several activities, most parents will find that their infant or toddler will spend a lot of time developing their fine and gross motor skills. I would recommend this model for infants who are independently standing or those who have just taken their first steps.

Overview and Features

By now, your home is probably already cluttered with a variety of baby gear. So, not only can baby gear be pretty expensive, it can quickly take over your home. Because of this, most parents are looking for push walkers that are multi-purpose. Walkers such as this model by VTech come loaded with a variety of activities, in addition to functioning as a push walker, so it offers more value than models that only function as a traditional walker.

This model is much different and comes loaded with all the bells and whistles your little one could want. So, not only is your child focusing on strengthening the muscles in their legs and lower back, but they’re also using their fine motor skills to play with the many toys and activities that are located on the walker’s play panel.

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

Our Rating: (5/5)


  • Sturdy base
  • Large handle
  • Slow-rolling wheels
  • Activity panel
  • Preloaded with seventy songs
  • Low-price

This walker is equipped with an Early Learning Center activity panel that includes five piano keys that will encourage creativity and a love for music. It also comes with a variety of built-in activities that can keep your child happy and engaged for hours. Well-built, durable, and very sturdy, this is one of the safest walkers on the market.

A New Design

Many parents have steered clear of this style of walker in the past because they were equipped with slick wheels that couldn’t handle rolling over carpet or the wheels would simply roll too quickly on vinyl or tile floors.

This model comes equipped with wheels that are designed to handle a variety of terrain types, so it can be used on both carpeted and uncarpeted floors. The treads on the wheels will ensure stability and improve traction so you can have peace of mind knowing that your toddler can walk around using this model safely and without the fear of it rolling away from them when in use.


As I mentioned earlier, this model comes equipped with a built-in piano, a couple of rollers, a pretend telephone, and three shapes sorters. It also comes with pre-loaded songs, sound effects and other fun phrases your toddler will learn. This activity panel is removable and can easily be removed for cleaning, which is a huge plus for any parent. Additionally, the activity panel also features handle which will allow your infant or toddler to carry it around when detached.

The detachable activity center is very engaging and comes equipped with sounds, and over seventy songs they can sing along to. The songs, lights, and phrases will keep your child entertained as you cook dinner or take care of chores around the house.


The fact that this model is so versatile and comes loaded with a variety of activities is a huge selling point for parents who are all too familiar with how quickly an infant or toddler can become bored with their toys.


The walker’s durable base makes it safer for your child to use and allows them to walk at their own pace without the fear of this model slipping away from them. This model is safe for toddlers or infants who are able to crawl, are able to stand independently, or toddlers and infants that are just about ready to start walking. It also comes equipped with volume control which most parents can appreciate.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Seventy songs
  • Equipped with a variety of toys
  • Play panel is detachable
  • Stable base
  • Wheels have thick tread for improved stability
  • Designed to improve both fine and gross motor skills


  • Older toddlers may quickly outgrow this model
  • No height adjustments

Vtech Walker Versus Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon

So how does this model stand up to the competition? For starters, one of the top competing models is by Radio Flyer and it’s a push walker and wagon. The wagon has a much different take on push walker design and doesn’t come loaded with an activity panel like this model does. Additionally, the wheels are rather thin and cannot roll well over carpet.

Essentially, this model by Radio Flyer is a better option for older toddlers as opposed to those just learning how to walk or stand independently. It also falls a little flat in the activities department. This model VTech promotes fine and gross motor skills, whereas the wagon is better suited for older toddlers who need a little assistance when ambulating. If you’re looking for a more versatile model than I would stick with this walker by VTech. If you have an older toddler and you’re looking for a walker that will grow with them, then I would choose the Radio Flyer wagon.

Conclusion and Rating

Our Rating: (5/5)

VtechAs a new parent, you’re researching everything from toddler meal ideas to which type of walkers are the safest. This latest model by VTech offers many of the features parents are looking for including a stable base, large handle, and slow rolling wheels that are safe for use on all types of terrain.

This is a stable, safe, feature-packed push walker that every infant and toddler will love. It comes loaded with a variety of songs and activities that will keep your toddler engaged and will also help to improve fine motor skills. The stable base and large sturdy wheels will ensure the walker doesn’t accidentally slip away from toddlers during use. Of course, even though this model scored well in the safety department, your child should never use this walker unsupervised. I gave this walker a rating of five out of five stars.